In What World Do Agents Live?

I had an interview today with a talent agency. I’ve been back and forth with them for awhile and I was basically offered the position today. Before we get on with the congratulations, you got a job aspect, let me just say: How the fuck do people in the entertainment industry expect you to live.

Assistants in the agency world make somewhere in the $20K’s. HOW DO YOU LIVE? To live in a decent apartment out here you have to dish out the cash. Not everyone has mom and dad helping them, but I’m about to have a full-time job making less than I would make on unemployment. How in the world does that even make sense?

I wish people who make lots of money would look at assistants and realize they would be nothing without them. Realize that they can’t even manage their day-to-day lives without their assistant. So why treat them and pay them like shit?

Any thoughts would help here. I mean. I’m getting a second job, but what happens when he wants me to work weekends? Sorry buddy, I don’t get paid enough for this.


One thought on “In What World Do Agents Live?

  1. I can’t help you out on the under paying first time job- but I would suggest looking into starbucks. I’ve never worked for them- but out where I live they are open until 10pm at night, and on weekends obviously. A few friends I know used to pick up shifts starting around 5:30 and “closing” and then on weekends. I also know that Starbucks is known nationally for their benefits to part time employees. I’m sure if you could get an extra 15 hours a week from them you’d be able to make another 15k a year. (I’m guessing I’ve only roughly done the math- and I’m not sure what wages they pay (minimum vs a dollar above))

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