My Best Friend is “Trying”

My best friend from back home is trying to have her second child. Granted, she was knocked up by a huge d-bag when she was 19 and had her first child at 20. However, now she is almost 24 and married (to a different guy) who adopted her child and is raising him as his own. I know, how does one find a boyfriend when said person is pregnant? I will never know.

I called her last night and we talked for about three hours. Here’s a couple things you should know about this friendship.

When we were in high school me and my friend, Mia, went to a house party. I decided to bring along this guy Greg because I wanted to hook up with him. We got to the party and I ran into a different boy I’d had a crush on forever. I decided that I really didn’t want to hook up with Greg and told Mia she should definitely go for him! He was cute, nice, and so on. Little did I know, four years and a horrible on-and-off relationship later, she would get knocked up and he would break up with her by writing her a note in her diary.

Technically, and I say technically in the most liberal way possible, her baby, her marriage and her life is all because of me. I don’t really know whether that is a good or a bad thing, but we will pretend that it’s great.

I never thought that I would get to an age where people were trying to get pregnant. I never thought about planned pregnancies as a thing until last night. She told me that I should find someone and settle down. In my mind, finding someone feels like the end of my own life. It’s not even that I’m not trying to find someone, but in Los Angeles, no one is focused on serious relationships until way later in life. Every time I blink another year goes by and I don’t seem to be progressing at all.

Today I decided to be happy about my life. I have a new job and I will be getting a weekend job on top of that to make the amount of money I need to live and OKCupid told me today that I’m one of the hottest people on the site… GREAT. I’m going to make a whole post about the best OKC messages I’ve received… It’s very sad.


One thought on “My Best Friend is “Trying”

  1. Everyone moves at their own pace, and like you said you’re in LA. In 24 and married- but I live in a small city and have a “career” that I enjoy, but isn’t making me want to put in the extra hours to move up the ladder faster than I need to. So I, at 24 have had the thought, so when do we want kids? I feel like al that depends on your life, the person you’re with. You might reach the point at 28 where you’re like, alright, I’ve had it with this busy life-style, I want a change. You can meet a guy and get married in 18 months, and maybe have a kid 1 year later. Where as I had a 3 year engagement (no kidding!), and will probably be married 2 or 3 years before we have kids. Every thing is just a matter of what’s going on in your own personal life. 🙂 I know what you mean though- a lot of girls in my facebook feed have started having babies- and when I first noticed it all I could thing is, wow these babies are the first round of non-oopsie babies…..

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