Since I’m going to be writing about different people in my life, I think that a character page is important. You can learn about people and then my stories will make more sense. 

Marina: I met Marina in 4th grade and I absolutely hated her. When we hit 7th grade though, we were inseparable and have been ever since. We are both from Boston and moved to LA around the same time. Marina works in IT for a major entertainment company and basically has her life pretty together, except for the fact that she is always traveling and hardly ever around anymore. Her OCD resulted in Marina moving out of her two bedroom apartment with our friend Kiley to live alone. Although very selfless, Marina is very obvious about her emotions. She will never confront you, but you know exactly how she’s feeling at all times. She’s half Mexican, and only about 5’3, but she always wears towering high heels.

Kiley: I met Kiley in college, but didn’t really get close to her until she moved to LA with Marina. Working as a stylist in a showroom, Kiley makes most of her money off commission (meaning she doesn’t have a lot). Kiley is one of those people that makes you feel cool just hanging out with them, but I would never admit that to her. She smokes like a train and doesn’t give a fuck about what people think of her. Nothing pisses Kiley off more than people who can’t just say what’s on their mind, which is one of the reasons Marina and her didn’t work out as roommates. Kiley is about 5’8 with short brown hair. I like to compare her style to Jessa from Girls. That’s the only way to describe it. It’s in style, but you don’t understand it at all.

Bradley: Brad is the nicest girl you will ever meet, although I’ve seen her blow up once and I was actually scared of her. Bradley and Kiley have known each other since they were kids. She moved out here earlier this year and instantly became one of our close friends. She’s is always down to go out drinking and is rarely sad. She works for a high-end industry magazine and even though she dislikes her job, she loves the perks of meeting the celebrities. Her job even led her to a one-time acting gig on a daytime soap show. Brad is the tallest of our friends at 5’11 and has skinny little legs. None of us will admit it out loud, but we hate standing next to her in a bathing suit.

Dave: Dave is a bartender in Brentwood and of course, Kiley met him one day when she was drunk. They bonded over their love for Chicago sports and became instant friends. Dave is considered the “attractive” guy in our group of friends, although I never really understood why. He loves to make jokes and for some reason we all decided that it was best for Dave’s ego if we ignored them. Dave lives with T.J. and Sam. They are all from Illinois, but none of them knew each other before moving out to LA. On top of his bar tending job, Dave works as a 2nd assistant for a Hollywood celebrity, which of course I can’t say who. Don’t worry, it’s no one special. Dave is about 5’7 and has had a mullet since the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. We still can’t figure out why refuses to cut it. He was recently told that he looks like a young Dave Coulier.

T.J.: I don’t actually know what TJ stands for, but I should probably figure it out soon. The thing to know about TJ is that he gets frustrated very easily over things absolutely no one cares about. The more irrelevant something is, the more TJ hates it. For example, there is a fountain on the corner of Wilshire and Santa Monica that he goes crazy over. When the water shoots up out of the fountain it lands on the sidewalk, which he says “makes no sense and was very poorly designed.” We all LOVE annoying TJ. Watching him get anxious is daily amusement. TJ has always had a crush on Bradley, but he never told her how he felt. He’s about 6’0 and is basically about the same weight as Brad.

Sam: Sam is the last of the guys. He is short, skinny and extremely awkward. He works as an assistant at a production company, but spends most of his days surfing the web and making GIFs to send us all. He’s very funny and makes great jokes, except he’s the guy that always takes the jokes two steps too far and kills them. Sam is the ultimate mid-west guy. He loves Walmart, Olive Garden and his wardrobe consists of basketball shorts and tees. We went on one date when we first met, but I’ll get to that later.

Of course other characters will make appearances, but these are the main characters. You can always come back and reference this if you forget who someone is. Below are some of the re-occuring characters:

Carol: A 27-year-old assistant I used to work with, that hates her job, but loves witty, sarcastic, self-depricating humor.

Gabe: A sassy black girl I used to work with who basically taught me how to give attitude.

Hank: Our guy friend who is very gay and still hasn’t come out of the closet.

Liv: born in wealth, she grew up in boarding school and loves to drink champagne.

Julie: An editor for a kids magazine, stuck in the kids world and loves to dance.


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