One Week at An Agency

I’ve officially started my new job. You don’t get much more Hollywood than this: I am an assistant at a talent agency…. it’s basically the lowest of the low in Hollywood.

Want to know what I’ve learned so far?

-“Good Morning, ___________ ____________’s Office”

-“Let me try them on their cell. One moment please.”

-I have learned in four short days how to schedule the fuck out of things…I can’t even manage my own life, but I know my every waking move of my boss.

-Industry hours 9AM-7PM…Are you kidding me? Because I don’t have anything better to do. I’m happy all the people who aren’t assistants are out of here at 5PM, but don’t worry I’ll cover the non-ringing phones for two more hours. You’re Welcome.

-I tucked in a shirt into dress pants this week. Never have I ever….tucked in my shirt, or wore dress pants. Welcome to the real world, Sara, it sucks!

-People at agencies are pretentious about their entertainment. I totally get it, but I love The Hot Chick and Scary Movie and The Lifetime Movie Network, so deal with it. I accidentally told people about my love for shitty movies. My mistake.


-People who work at agencies fucking love themselves. You never have an actual conversation with them. They are patiently waiting for you to finish whatever you have to say so that they can talk about themselves. It’s weird, therefore, I have made no friends. Although, I did meet a super religious girl who was telling me how she couldn’t say a movie title out loud cause it had the word virginity in it.

Where am I?